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Indie dev collective Juegos Rancheros offers guidance on going indie

Juegos Rancheros teaches devs how to go indie

Texas-based indie game development collective Juegos Rancheros is holding a free one-day symposium to offer guidance to developers on how to achieve sustainable independent game development.

The event, Nation of Indies, is designed to help developers "take back control" and is targeted at developers who have recently been laid off from their studio jobs, are dissatisfied with the direction of their current job, are recent graduates or are just curious about how indie developers "keep things together."

The event will cover topics such as what indie developers do for income, how long severance income from a studio job will last, whether an indie should find investors, whether an indie should take a project to Kickstarter or look for contract work and how indies pitch games to publishers.

The symposium will feature talks from developers Semi Secret (Canabalt, Hundreds), Tiger Style (Waking Mars), Stoic (The Banner Saga) and White Whale (God of Blades).

Any developers interested in learning about how other independent developers manage their business, platforms and tools stand to benefit from the session.

The Nation of Indies takes place Feb. 10, 2013 at North Door in Austin, Texas. RSVP here.