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Sony is set to release new 'Ice Silver' PS Vita on March. 6 (update: coming to Asia Feb. 28)

Sony is set to release new "Ice Silver" PS Vita Wi-Fi only model for Asian markets on March. 6

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong will release an "Ice Silver" PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi-only model in the Malaysian market for a recommended retail price of MYR 1,099 ($354.80) on March 6, the company recently announced.

The price includes the PS Vita Wi-Fi model, USB Cable, AC adaptor, power cord, printed materials and an AR Play card.

Last November, the Japanese market received two new colors in the PS Vita range, "cosmic red" and "sapphire blue".

The electronics giant plans to unveil its next generation console ahead of E3 2013 at the PlayStation Meeting in New York, scheduled for Feb. 20.

We have contacted Sony to find out whether the "Ice-Silver" PS Vita will be released in other territories.

Update: The "Ice Silver" PS Vita is coming to the Hong Kong market Feb. 28, 2013 for HKD 2,280 ($293.99) and the Singapore market on March 4, 2013 for SGD 399 ($322.40), Sony confirmed on the official PlayStation Asia website.

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