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Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell leaves Bossa Studios to begin new projects

Bossa Studios lead designer Mike Bithell, known best for his independently designed title Thomas Was Alone, left the U.K. studio in January to focus on his own projects, the company confirmed today.

Bossa Studios is the developer behind the BAFTA-award winning Monstermind as well as the official Merlin Facebook game.

"A great deal of thanks needs to go to Bossa Studios, my now previous employer. They told me in my interview that I needed to continue with the [Thomas Was Alone] project while working there, they supported me through development, and gave advice and support throughout and after release. Awesome people it's going to be sad to step away from," said Bithell in a prepared statement.

"So, next Monday I'll start a new Unity file, and see where it takes me. Thanks for the time and kindness you've given me so far in my adventures and fingers crossed you'll be there to play the next thing :)."

Thomas Was Alone first released to PC and Mac in 2012, then later brought to Steam in November 2012. The Bithell-developed project is a minimalist indie platformer in which the player controls a number of rectangles with special individual abilities. The game touches on themes relating to artificial intelligence.

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