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Pokemon Black and White catches Meloetta this March in North America (update)

North American fans of Pokemon Black and White and their respective sequels finally get the chance to include Meloetta in their roster of Pokemon when Gamestop stores begin their distribution of the creature from March 4 to March 24, Official Nintendo Magazine reports.

The Psychic Type pokemon was first introduced in March 2012, one year after the release of Pokemon Black and White. While Meloetta doesn't appear to evolve, it can activate two "formes," Aria and Pirouette, the latter being used in battle after triggering a Relic Song move.

We have contacted Nintendo regarding whether this Pokemon will become available in Europe and will update the post when more information.

Update: More information about this Pokemon will be made available at the end of this month, including details on its move-set and how it changes Formes in battle.

In order to receive Meloetta from Gamestop, users must own a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS system, a copy of the game as well as an in-game Pokedex and no more than 11 Wonder Cards.

Meloetta will be available throughout Canada from EB Games beginning March 9.

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