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Awakened superhero sim reborn for Unreal Engine 4, seeking Kickstarter funding

Awakened, a superhero simulation game from Chicago-based developer Phosphor Games, has broken an extended period of silence to reappear on Kickstarter, where the studio is seeking $500,000 to fund development on the Windows PC title.

The game was first revealed in early 2011 as a canceled Midway project formerly titled Hero. Developer Phosphor Games, which was largely composed of former Midway developers, was formed with the sole purpose to keep the game's development going. After nearly two years without any major updates on the title — during which time Phosphor created Horn and Dark Meadow, two critically acclaimed mobile games — the company has reemerged with a Kickstarter campaign and plans to finish the title in Unreal Engine 4.

Awakened features a deep character editor which allows players to customize the look of their hero, and establish a unique set of powers from a seemingly endless catalog. A prototype preview video shows just a few of those powers in action, including invisibility, super speed, stone skin and all manner of projectile powers.

The game will feature a character editor and single-player campaign if it meets its $500,000 goal, while stretch goals include a sandbox-style multiplayer mode and full game editor, which allow players to build their own maps and scenarios. For the full pitch, check out the Project Awakened Kickstarter page.

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