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PlayStation Plus update adds free Guardians of Middle-earth, half-off Karateka

PlayStation Plus subscribers can download Guardians of Middle-earth for free starting tomorrow, and can get big discounts on downloadable titles across PS3 and PS Vita, the PlayStation Blog announced today.

The Feb. 5 update to the PlayStation Store adds Guardians of Middle-earth, Monolith's multiplayer online battle arena title, to PlayStation Plus subscribers' Instant Game Collections. Those same premium members can also download last year's remake of Karateka for $5, half off its standard price of $9.99.

Two more cross-platform titles for PS3 and PS Vita will have their prices cut by 40 percent with tomorrow's update: Big Sky Infinity, a trippy, randomly generated shooter, will be available for $5.99 (down from $9.99); Nifflas' cavernous action-platformer Knytt Underground will be discounted to $8.99 (down from $14.99). Both titles are Cross-Buy-compatible, so purchases on one platform will unlock the game for the other.

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