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Ambient Studios launches Death Inc. on Kickstarter, wants £300,000 to finish development

Developer Ambient Studios launched its Kickstarter campaign for strategy management title Death Inc. today, asking for £300,000 by March 6 to get the game on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Set in Restoration England, Death Inc. follows the exploits of Grim. T Livingstone, a freelancing grim reaper tasked with spreading the bubonic plague. Players will send minions infected with the disease into cities, and humans who die of the plague will be resurrected as one of Grim's henchmen. Legions must be outfit with proper weaponry, as humans under attack will defend themselves with whatever they have, from basic swords and guns to massive siege machines.

According to the project page, the title also includes business management and god game elements akin to Bullfrog Productions' Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park. When you're not spreading infestation, players will construct an empire in the bubonic business, harvest souls, manage stocks and aim to become the world's best reaper.

Ambient Studios, a development team comprised of former LittleBigPlanet developers and veterans of Lionhead Studios and Criterion, are rewarding early backers who pledge £10 ($16) or more the same rewards as the £15 ($20) tier: a digital copy of the game upon release and exclusive access to backer-only forums.

The final reward tier is limited to one backer, who for £5,000 or more can become the king or queen of England in-game and Grim's primary target. This backer will also help design their appearance, coat of arms, and be treated to an Ambient Studios tour as well as a one-off oil painting of their in-game character.

Ambient Studios is aiming for an October 2013 release and promises Death Inc. will launch with a DRM-free option.

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