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Sony ends working relationship with PlayStation All-Stars developer SuperBot

Sony's "working agreement" with PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale developer SuperBot Entertainment has been terminated, with all future DLC for the title to be handled internally at Sony's Santa Monica studio, a representative for Sony confirmed with Polygon today.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that the working agreement with developer SuperBot Entertainment has amicably ended," the representative said. "We have had a positive working relationship with this talented studio, and wish them the best of success in their next endeavor. PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and the title's forthcoming DLC releases will continue to be fully supported by Santa Monica Studio."

SuperBot president David Yang confirmed with Kotaku that rumors of the studio shuttering were false, and that it would continue developing new projects.

"SuperBot Entertainment can confirm that the relationship with SCEA has ended on good terms," said Yang. "We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work on with Sony on PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and are extremely proud of the work we have done.

"SuperBot Entertainment will continue working on projects that reflect our passion for games and our commitment to creating award winning titles. We are very excited about beginning the next chapter of our future and invite all of our fans and supporters to follow our journey."

SuperBot released Sony-themed brawler PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale for PlayStation 3 and Vita last fall. Late last month the studio suffered redundancies, in which "around 20" employees were laid off. Sony stated that despite the layoffs, both SCEA and SuperBot would continue to support PlayStation All-Stars post-launch and that all planned DLC would still be released.

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