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PlanetSide 2 gets infantry, vehicle, item and UI updates

PlanetSide 2 gets an update

A new update for Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide 2 kicked in over the weekend, implementing changes to the game's infantry, vehicles, items and UI.

Some of the updates to infantry include increased precision when spotting enemies that are more than 30 meters away, the addition of a short invulnerability to newly spawned players, and a slew of tweaks, tunes and fixes to weapons like VS pistols, all shotguns, the TX2 Emperor and the Jackhammer.

Vehicles are also getting tweaks and fixes, such as the Rotary Cannons, which received an additional 10 rounds to the magazine for each rotary, projectile speeds have been decreased slightly to help further define their role as a close-range weapon, and the fire rate on the Reaver M20 Mustang being increased.

The complete list of changes implemented over the weekend can be viewed here.