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Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods expansion announced for Q2 2013

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Paradox Development Studio's RPG strategy title, Crusader Kings 2, will receive an expansion pack in Q2 2013 titled Crusader Kings 2: The Old Gods, Paradox Interactive announced today.

The expansion will enable players to play as a Pagan chieftain or a Zoroastrian ruler. The in-game time period has also been expanded back in time by 200 years to 867 AD, which makes The Old Gods the longest time-spanning Paradox title.

Some features include the ability to loot provinces and burn structures to the ground, convert heathens, and recruit adventurers when the intention of invasion is declared. The once clone-like rebels will have more facial details and specific agendas. There is also new Pagen UI, with new events and in-game decisions.

Crusader Kings 2 was released for Windows PC on Feb. 14, 2012 and for Mac on May 24, 2012.