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The Vita gets a taste of PlayStation Home today with the Home Arcade

PlayStation Home is coming to the Vita ... sort of.

When the PlayStation Home Arcade app hits the Vita today it won't drop players into open-world PlayStation Network social space of Home, but it will let them play some of the arcade games found in that virtual world.

The free app will initially give gamers access to nearly a half dozen retro and original arcade games including the likes of Asteroids, Time Pilot and Scribble Shooter. Two of the ten games, Icebreaker and Wipeout 2D, will be free and Scribble Shooter will have a free demo. The rest of the titles will sell for $1.49 each and once purchased will be playable on both the Vita and in PlayStation Home on the PS3.

Here's the full list of games: Icebreaker, WipeOut 2D, Scribble Shooter, Frogger, Time Pilot, Asteroids, Centipede, Astrosmash Gen2, Shark! Shark! Gen2 and Mad Blocker.

A less robust version of the app hit Europe late last year.

Don Mesa, director of product planning and platform software innovation, said the games will be fairly straight forward emulations that can be played in full-screen mode.

He said that the arcade is just one of many things that his group is working on for the Vita.

"We've been kind of working on a lot of things," he said. "With Vita we look at ourselves as an emerging platform. The Vita is a very versatile."

The new app will also test out the Vita's ability to handle what are essentially smartphone-like micro-transactions, Mesa said.

"There are so many things we can be doing and will be doing," Mesa said. "All of these great things are happening."