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Code Hero developer promises rewards and refunds when the project has money

Code Hero's financial woes continue

Code Hero developer Primer Labs promises its Kickstarter backers rewards and refunds when the company has the funds to do so, according to a recent update posted on its website.

When Polygon spoke to Primer Labs lead Alex Peake in December last year, Peake confirmed that the project had run out of money after spending the $170,000 raised from Kickstarter on paying developers and traveling to events around the country to show off Code Hero. In an update recently published to the Primer Labs website, Peake confirmed that the project remains out of funds, so the Kickstarter rewards promised to backers (which include t-shirts and thumb drives) have been placed on indefinite hold and those who want refunds will have to wait until the company has funding.

Peake wrote:

When will people receive physical Kickstarter rewards?
We will still fulfill our physical rewards to backers. We don't have a date we can promise yet because it is contingent on making more progress and raising more funds, but we're committed to delivering the game and the rewards and refunds to anybody who doesn't want to wait to see those completed.

Backer Refunds will take time
We're obligated to refund backers who haven't received their rewards and aren't willing to wait for us to make more progress and get new funding to fulfill our backer obligations. Because we currently don't have the money to make the shirts or pay refunds, backers who want them will have to wait until we can afford to pay them. Email if you want a refund.

Will team members get paid for work they did after we ran out of money?
Yes, all team members who worked without getting paid for the last month will get compensated when we have the funds to do so.

Primer Labs ran into trouble at the end of 2012 when Peake was accused by Code Hero's Kickstarter backers of abandoning the project after he failed to provide an update on the project's progress for more than three months. He apologized for the lack of updates in December and has since promised to keep backers in the loop with the game's development.

Peake says that the project is continuing its development with volunteers and he is committed to seeing the project through to completion. A second Alpha build of Code Hero was recently released for PC and Mac, although only those who have pre-ordered the game can download it.

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