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DayZ Standalone project developer diary showcases clothing implementation system, map expansions, new loot spawning mechanic

Dean "Rocket" Hall and Matt Lightfoot, developers on the DayZ Standalone project, released a DayZ developer video diary today, which showcased new features such as a clothing implementation system, map expansions and new loot spawning mechanics.

The new loot spawning mechanic will now spawn loot behind objects, so players will have to get "dynamic" about looking around for loot. Previously, loot would spawn in clumps out in the middle of a room and loot was also spawned by clients "which allowed for a great deal of hacking." Loot will now spawn on the server and at the start of the mission. When loot gets cleaned out, the server will respawn loot as needed.

With the new clothing implementation system, users will have different slots of clothing to use, such as headwear, eyewear, face mask, tops (jacket, hoodie), pants, tactical vest and shoes. Each item of clothing will have space in which to carry items in and act like little backpacks. For example, the default setting for jeans shown in the video was set to carry six small items.

New map areas shown off included swamps, an expanded military base and a new island called "Utes" which Rocket said was requested by internet forum 4Chan.

Also shown off was the new UI. The developers chose to move away from ArmA 2's UI and go with a simpler, cleaner interface so it'll be easier for players to use.

The blog says that inventory and crafting are the current key development objectives, followed closely by client server architecture.

The next level of puzzles.

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