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Skylanders Swap Force: The new figures, Starter Pack and Portal of Power

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Skylanders Swap Force is launching this fall along with 16 two-part Swap Force toys, and publisher Activision will also debut a number of other Skylanders figures such as new characters and returning favorites, the company announced today.

The Swap Force Starter Pack will include a copy of the game, two Swap Force figures, one regular Skylander and ancillary items like stickers and a poster. It will also come with the new Portal of Power, which is required to play Swap Force; it lights up in a variety of colors. According to developer Vicarious Visions, the new platform offers the same surface area as the old one. A Swap Force figure's base is about as large as that of a Giant Skylander's, so similar space limitations as in Skylanders Giants apply.

In addition to the 16 special swappable characters, 16 regular Skylanders will join the series' roster this year. Countdown (seen in the last three screenshots here) can fire rockets from his arms and launch his head as a bomb. The female Skylander Roller Brawl is an undead character who rides around on rollerblades; she attacks with gears and her melee attack is a rolling headbutt.

They'll be joined by 16 new versions of fan-favorite characters, each sporting a pose that's different from that of its existing counterpart and each equipped with a new Wow Pow upgrade power. Rounding out the 2013 line will be eight new LightCore characters.

Activision has yet to announce pricing for any of the 2013 toys or the Swap Force Starter Pack. As a comparison, the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack — which came with the game, a Portal of Power, one Giant Skylander and two regular Skylanders — launched at $74.99.

Read our full Skylanders Swap Force preview for more details, and check out the gallery below to see photos of some of the new characters.

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