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Watch Project Shield connect to Steam and run Borderlands 2

Technology company Nvidia posted a video to YouTube today showing Gearbox Software's Borderlands 2 running on Project Shield, an Android handheld with the ability to stream PC games.

Nvidia plans to release a series of videos demonstrating AAA PC games running on Project Shield, "Project Shield — PC Mondays." The series kicks off today with a look at Borderlands 2 in action on the device with the graphics settings set for the highest quality performance.

Through the Shield app, players can establish a link with local compatible desktop PCs and laptops in order to access the computer's content. Players can connect to Steam and navigate the program through Shield as well as load the game onto the handheld. All actions players take using Shield will be viewable on the PC as well, with Shield serving as a controller with a second smaller screen.

The next "PC Mondays" video will be posted to Nvidia's YouTube page next week. The company will also share videos of Android titles running on Shield on Thursdays.

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