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Pinball Arcade on PS3 and Vita gets Twilight Zone table today

Pinball simulation Pinball Arcade for PlayStation 3 and Vita is getting a new thematic table today based on the The Twilight Zone television series, developer FarSight Studios' lead designer Bobby King announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The table is a recreation of the Twilight Zone pinball machine released by game technology company Bally in 1993. Roger Sharpe, the "pinball legend" who made the original licensing deal for Bally to build the table, helped FarSight obtain the rights to use the table in-game. The table's IP was purchased with funding from backers of the game's Kickstarter campaign, which closed last June with just over $77,000.

According to Pinball Arcade designer and producer Scott Shelton, the Twilight Zone table is the most complex machine the studio has made to date.

"The main reasons Twilight Zone is such a great table is the cool theme and the incredible number of features it has," he wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "The Twilight Zone show is just a perfect theme for a pinball table and they did a great job of tying episodes of the show into the various modes."

Pinball Arcade was released in April last year for PS3 and Vita, and was one of the first titles to take advantage of Sony's Cross-Buy promotion.

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