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THQ terminates CEO and president as company continues to evaporate

THQ today notified the SEC that they have terminated the contracts for a trio of executives who had stayed on in hopes of finding homes for those last vestiges of the company.

THQ chief executive officer Brian J. Farrell, president Jason Rubin and chief strategy officer Jason Kay were all terminated without cause effective Jan. 30.

The day after his contract ended, Rubin told Polygon he was going to let some time pass before speaking any more about the company and its dissolution.

The termination came the day before health care ended for employees, according to a memo provided to Polygon last month.

Last month THQ broke apart, pieces of the once thriving publisher were sold off to the highest bidder and the remains, a scattering of one-off games, its brand and boxes of office supplies, are in the process of being auctioned.

Those half-dozen late-January bankruptcy deals netted investors about $70 million. All that's left of what once was the third largest game publisher in the world are a bunch of office supplies and a slew of individual video game properties, all of which is being sold off piecemeal for as much as another $29 million.

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