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Take-Two execs optimistic about next-gen consoles with more non-gaming functions

The prospect of next-generation consoles becoming set-top boxes that perform many tasks beyond gaming doesn't influence Take-Two Interactive, and might wind up helping, according statements from its CEO and COO during an earnings call today.

"It doesn't really influence us," CEO Strauss Zelnick said. "People have access to a full array of media choices as it is, and we're thrilled by that because the launch of new platforms is great for a company positioned the way we're positioned."

Zelnick likened the expanding functionalities of consoles to other devices whose primary purpose isn't gaming.

"Tablets have been great for us so far, and mobile devices are great for us," he said. "Our job is to make the highest quality interactive entertainment and meet consumers wherever they are — wherever they are in the world, whatever device they want to consume our products on — and be flexible with the business models as well.

"Do I think that a broad-based offering form a next generation console affects us? Only to the benefit of something that they can watch high quality entertainment on from us, it's probably a good thing."

Take-Two CFO Karl Slatoff echoed his optimism, and sees opportunity in multifunction devices.

"The other piece is it also creates a potential opportunity for the consoles to penetrate deeper than they are right now," Slatoff said. "If it's attractive as a broad media device then there may be folks out there who pick it up not as a gaming machine but now they have access to a gaming machine, that may encourage them to enter the gaming market."

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