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Booze, pinball and art: The DICE Summit's pop-up barcade

The annual DICE Summit's move to the Vegas strip brought with it a new way for game developers and publishers to network: An expanded barcade.

The DICE Bar+Cade features a dozen classic pinball machines and arcade games including the likes of the Twilight Zone and Lethal Weapon pinballs, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Asteroids. A white board on a faux brick wall maintains the daily high score. The room also includes foosball, ping pong and pool tables.

The center of the room features a large circular bar decorated with a stack of colorful cubes embedded with televisions playing video game trailers and classic gaming titles.

The walls of the pop-up venue are decorated with a selection of video game-inspired art, from the 2013 collection of Into the Pixel and original art curated by iam8bit. Other neat touches include power supplies for computers and mobile phones built into the bar top, wireless Atari controllers designed to let patrons play retro games will sitting at the bar and a functioning 3D printer.

The venue, and its open bar, will be home to the week's networking sessions and ping pong tournaments.

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