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Quadrilateral Cowboy teaches you to hack your way to criminal success

Blendo Games, the studio behind Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving, offers a look at its upcoming cyberpunk title Quadrilateral Cowboy in a short gameplay video.

The game allows players to take on the role of a criminal whose only goal is to steal information. Users will learn code to hack into systems in order to get the coded info, while this knowledge can also be used to re-purpose technology throughout the game to escape getting caught. Tools "such as the projector, that displays a false image to fool guards and cameras," can be used throughout to keep under the radar of those attempting to stop the user.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is scheduled to release to Windows PC this year. According to designer Brendan Chung, the game is designed using the Doom 3 engine, making a Mac port "feasible."

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