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Zen Studios' tower defense title CastleStorm coming to XBLA and Windows 8 this April

Zen Studios' tower-defense title CastleStorm will launch on Xbox Live Arcade and Windows 8 this April, the developer told Joystiq in a recent interview.

CastleStorm was originally announced last May and slated for digital release in summer 2012. The title is set in a medieval world overrun with vikings and blends tower defense with 2.5D graphics and a physics-based destruction system.

Players will have access to an arsenal of medieval weapons to defend castles against enemy attack, such as morningstars, apple grenades and even flying sheep. Knights, axe throwers, healers and other fighters on foot can be trained and sent into the field to prevent opponents from overrunning the castle and capturing the player's flag.

Each of the main campaign's 12 different castle environments has its own set of objectives and specific rewards for each. Players can choose to end the level by capturing the enemy flag, destroy their castle or complete certain objectives. The game also includes online multiplayer and co-op modes.

Zen Studios has also added a tower editor with which players can build their own castles. Each construction choice will determine what types of resources and soldiers will be available for combat. Winning battles will level up troops and unlock access to new weapons and soldier classes.

Zen Studios, the developer behind Zen Pinball, has not yet announced pricing or an exact release date for CastleStorm.

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