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EverQuest 2 update coming Feb. 26, adds new inventory functions and daily objectives

EverQuest 2 will receive a major update on Feb. 26 that will add a new dungeon, improved inventory functionality and a new system of scheduled objectives, producer Holly Longdale announced in a post on the game's official forums.

New Bag features have been added to the inventory management system. Players can deposit, categorize and sort items into specific compartmentalized sections of their inventory. Smaller bags can be consolidated into larger bags and items can be quick-sorted based on their name or level.

Daily, weekly and monthly objectives have also been added, and completing them will reward players with "real and useful" items. According to Longdale, this system was designed as an improvement to the Veteran Rewards program already in place, in which longtime players receive special items as their accounts get older.

The new dungeon, set in the Wurmbone Crag area, is designed for participation by two groups and includes X2 content (slightly above higher-level heroic content). There is also a new raid available in the instanced zone containing the Dreadcutter ship dungeon that grants players access to new items.

Player-versus-player combat has also been given "significant updates" including new armor bonuses, adornments with both passive and proactive effects and balance tweaks.

Sony Online Entertainment released MMORPG EverQuest 2, based on 1999's EverQuest, in November 2004 for Windows PC. It's ninth expansion pack Chains of Eternity was released last November.

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