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Tomb Raider video showcases fast traveling and 'gear gating'

A new trailer for Tomb Raider shows how players can zip across the game's deadly island using a network of fast travel locations, and how certain parts of the island will be inaccessible at first due to the game's "gear gating" system.

The former mechanic you're probably already familiar with; as Lara completes objectives around important landmarks on the island, those areas will serve as safe havens which she'll be able to quickly travel to from the world map. The "gear gating" system is also pretty familiar — it's the Metroidvania design philosophy that blocks off certain parts of the world until Lara's found the right tool to help her access it.

Check out the trailer above to see these mechanics in motion. Tomb Raider launches on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs on March 5.

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