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Online resumes point to Wolfenstein game in development

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A new entry in id Software's Wolfenstein series may be in development at Machinegames, according to according to a report from PlayNews and several online resumes.

A Google Cache version of composer Julian Beeston's official website lists his work as "ADR Engineer, Production Sound" on a Wolfenstein project in development at Machinegames. Beeston has also worked on Dragon's Dogma and Kinect Star Wars, according to his website and IMDB.

ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Wolfenstein 3D developer id Software, acquired Machinegames in 2010. According to the press release announcing the acquisition, the developer was already "working on an unannounced project for ZeniMax publishing subsidiary, Bethesda Softworks, that is being built on id Software's revolutionary id Tech 5 engine technology."

ZeniMax registered the domain in 2012, according to a Network Solutions whois search.

Rumors have referred to Machinegames' unannounced game as Project Tungsten. Television, film and voice actor Alexander Leeb lists Project Tungsten on his IMDB resume. Tom Keegan lists work as Project Tungsten's performance capture and voice over director in the credits section of his website.

The last entry in the series, Wolfenstein, was released in 2009.

We've reached out to Beeson, Leeb, id and Machinegames and will update this story with more information as it becomes available.