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Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror continues with art direction

The second video in four-part series Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror, "The Art of Scares," offers a look in the game's art direction and inspiration.

"If the story is the brains and the gameplay its limbs, then the art direction must be at its heart," the video's narrator explains.

The video explains the importance of lighting, which the narrator says is almost a character itself. Lighting can guide the player, create tension and lend character to settings. Decay is another important element of Dead Space's art direction — many locations are in a permanent state of disarray. But the game's most impactful artistic direction involves the Necromorphs.

"Each and every Necromorph has been designed to terrify and horrify as they haunt dark spaces in search of victims," the narrator said.

Check out the video above. You can watch yesterday's video, a summary of Isaac Clarke's journey thus far, here. Dead Space 3 released Feb. 5 for PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Xbox 360.

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