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Bungie to unveil its sci-fantasy, action shooter Destiny ‘within a matter of weeks'

Bungie will unveil its "sci-fantasy, action shooter" Destiny "within a matter of weeks," Bungie Community Theatre, Act two announced.

Host Deej performs another comically pompous community letter reading session to video, in which he reads a Halo fan letter from "James."

"Your enthusiasm is duly noted, it does, however, put a little bit of pressure on us. You see, we don't make Halo games anymore. For years, we have been working under the cover of darkness on an entirely new universe and you'll get to explore it very soon. We're not ready to lift that curtain just yet," Deej responded in the video.

That's when a toy tiger "interrupts" with, "Everyone knows it's called 'Destiny,' Bro."

"Within a matter of weeks, we'll be unveiling what we created for you," Deej continued.

Bungie's Destiny project was revealed in a leaked marketing document last November.

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