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GameCrib is MTV’s Real World meets games culture

Pro-gamers living together in a house in San Francisco's Bay Area is the subject of CBS Interactive's new web-based reality show, GameCrib.

The eSports team in question is Team Solomid, renamed TSM Snapdragon for the webseries, and the promise is that viewers can see their "exciting, intense and action-packed" lives streamed eight hours a day on TwitchTV starting Feb. 20.

New episodes of GameCrib are set to air every Wednesday until June 14 this year and CBS Interactive has teamed up with Qualcomm and GameSpot to make the reality show possible.

"CBS Interactive Games' enthusiasm for eSports is not limited to competitions," David Rice, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Interactive Games said in a statement. "Our audiences let us know loud and clear that they want us to go much deeper into the background and culture of eSports. GameCrib presents an opportunity for CBS Interactive to take viewers behind the scenes and into the lives of the members of TSM Snapdragon."

CBS Interactive also scored exclusive rights to stream the EA Sports Challenge Series held in Vegas this weekend.

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