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Death Inc. devs reveal the mechanics behind their bubonic plague RTS

Developers at Ambient Studios reveal the basic mechanics that drive their upcoming bubonic plague RTS title Death Inc., with an 11-minute gameplay video that offers a look at an early prototype of the game.

As shown throughout the video, players make brush strokes in order to command groups of infected characters toward groups of the uninfected city-goers. Death Inc. will also feature physics, allowing the player to use their units to push cranks and open gates, or to close them for protection. The game also offers elements of multitasking, with gates that will close if a crank is not being turned continuously, forcing the player to split their units of infected between crank-turning duty and disease spreading.

As of press time Death Inc. has reached 37,565 British pounds of its 300,000 pound Kickstarter goal, with 26 days to go. The title is planned to release to PC, Mac and Linux platforms in October if fully funded.

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