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Dead Island Riptide zombie-killing pickup truck takes to the streets

Custom vehicle creators at Xquisite have pieced together a fully-fortified Dead Island Riptide-styled pickup truck, using a standard Ford Ranger and modifying it with additions such as fully-armored windows, rear-mounted mini-gun, spiked wheels and a front-end barricade.

The creation of the truck is documented in a two-part series on YouTube (which you can find both above and below), offering a detailed look at how the vehicle was first designed and then brought to life.

In partnership with Dead Island Riptide publisher Deep Silver, the Riptide pickup truck is scheduled to arrive at various undisclosed events where those who spot the vehicle and upload its image to Twitter under the hashtag #RiptideTour will receive prizes related to the upcoming Dead Island title. With any luck it won't be this bloody torso.

Dead Island Riptide launches on April 23 in North America for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.