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Konami revenues down, but company remains profitable

Konami's recently released financial results (PDF link) covering the nine-month period ending Dec. 31, 2012 reveal that the company remains profitable, but significantly less so than it was a year ago.

The company reported net revenues of just over 160 billion yen ($1.7 billion), a year-over-year decrease of 17.7 percent. Konami still earned 8.8 billion yen ($94.9 million) in income, a 48.3 percent decrease year-over-year. Overall, Konami now expects a net income of 13.5 billion yen ($145.5 million) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, a 41.3 percent decrease from the previous year.

Konami singled out Metal Gear Solid Social Ops and Dragon Collection as titles that contributed to profits, while Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game also "performed strongly" in the Digital Entertainment division. The company plans to increase its involvement in emerging markets like smartphones, tablets and social networks. Konami expects its other divisions, which oversee products like mechanical and video slot and pachinko machines as well as health and fitness equipment, to remain profitable, though less so than last year.

Konami points to economic conditions to explain the revenue disparities, including the European sovereign debt crisis, cautious casino owners wary of investments and consumers in the health and fitness industry "uncertain over the future economic climate."

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