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Supergiant Games' Amir Rao talks about the challenges of porting Bastion

Bastion developer Supergiant Games faced a number of technical and design challenges when porting its award-winning action-RPG between three different platforms, according to a DICE keynote from studio director Amir Rao.

Bastion was ported from its initial home on Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade platform to PCs, then to smartphones and tablets later — a decision that was primarily made to get Supergiant's feet wet with different types of gaming interfaces. The jump to PCs, a platform which many Supergiant employees are very familiar with, was less tricky than the move to touch-based devices. Ultimately, the studio decided not to dumb down Bastion for touch devices, and offer players a variety of control options — even ones that the development team wasn't a big fan of.

You can watch Rao's entire DICE keynote speech in the video above.

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