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Puzzle Clubhouse creator talks industry trends and false positives in DICE keynote

Jesse Schell, creator of collaborative game development community Puzzle Clubhouse and author of The Art of Game Design, gave a keynote speech at DICE 2013 touching on some of the false industry trends that developers should turn away from.

Schell began his talk by analyzing his predictions from his 2010 keynote speech, during which he said Zynga should enter the gambling business (which it did) and predicted the recently launched iPad would be unsuccessful (which it wasn't). In this year's keynote, posted above, Schell provides more design tips to viewers to help them "find their utopia." Those tips include giving players a plan to follow in order to boost player retention and avoiding behaviors that have cut away at Zynga's market share over the past year.

Wach Schell's oftentimes irreverent keynote speech above.

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