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What Remains is a live-action web series tribute to The Last of Us

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Production company Manifest Film created a teaser for its unofficial web series inspired by the apocalyptic world of Naughty Dog's upcoming game, The Last of Us.

What Remains takes place 10 years after the outbreak that doomed humanity and 10 years before the events of The Last of Us. The series is not a spinoff or background story for the game, but features three unique characters who form unlikely friendships and struggle to survive.

Speaking with Polygon via email, writer and director Anthony Pietromonaco explained that the film was a good opportunity to get involved with the video game community.

"It was a character central story that was executable within our means, and with the amount of anticipation surrounding the game title we knew we would be able to find an audience," Pietromonaco said. "It is our hope that Naughty Dog will embrace our efforts as over the last few days we have substantially increased the amount of exposure they and their upcoming game title have received."

What Remains will focus heavily on character development and themes of family and friendship. According to a description on the film's website, it will attempt to answer the question of what it means to be human "in a world when humanity's time has passed."

You can watch the teaser clip above. The Last of Us is currently slated for release in May of this year.

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