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MLB 13 The Show developer diary highlights revamped cameras, customizable batting animations, the evolution of the Road To The Show mode

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Revamped cameras, overhauled audio, the evolution of the Road To The Show mode and customizable batting animations are some of the features highlighted in the latest MLB 13 The Show developer diary.

MLB 13 The Show designer Kirby St. John explains some of the notable camera overhauls and says that when the ball is hit up into the air the camera will move in on the player and look up at the ball as it flies through the air.

In addition, the new Flyball Assist Indicator feature will help players get into position. It will point players towards an optimal catch position, similar in the way a first person shooter indicates which direction a player is taking damage from. The display will change from red to yellow to green as the catcher gets closer to the catch region. The indicator will disappear once the player is in a good position to catch the ball.

St. John touts that thousands of new player and coach yells, and hundreds of new sound effects have been recorded and remixed to give players a "complete 3D sound perspective."

Sony San Diego's MLB 13 The Show launches March 5 on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. For details on its connectivity features and new modes, see Polygon's interview with MLB 13 community manager Ramone Russell.

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