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Student game developers to present anti-obesity game at Washington DC summit

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JiveHealth, a game development team made up of university students, will present its game Jungo at the Building a Healthier Future Summit in Washington D.C. on March 3, according to a press release from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.

The smartphone game is designed to combat childhood obesity by teaching healthy eating habits. Jungo has two components: a shooter that uses slingshot loaded up with healthy snacks, as well as upgradable characters. Children can upgrade their character by taking pictures of healthy foods in the real world.

JiveHealth designer Nathan Wangler and artist Hailey Schmidt hail from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, while founder Dennis Ai is a student at Northwestern University. The trio entered the game in the End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge, which is part of First Lady Michele Obama's initiative to raise awareness about childhood obesity. You can see their pitch and the game in action in the video above.

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