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Fuse character trailers introduce us to the squad

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EA has released a quartet of new trailers for Insomniac's upcoming squad-based cooperative shooter Fuse. Each centers on an individual member of the Overstrike 9 special forces team, introducing audiences to their backstory and unique abilities. Above, we get a look at team leader Dalton Brooks, a cynical and dryly-snarking former mercenary whose special ability lets a player project a fixed energy field, shielding teammates from enemy fire.

The three videos below serve as an introduction to the rest of the team. Naya Deveraux is Overstrike 9's stealthy assassin, whose personal cloaking device enables her to sneak around a battlefield undetected, and whose gun seems to shoot miniature black holes. Naya's family issues rear their heads as her father — who trained her in her youth to be a killer — seems to be critical to the team's mission to track down the titular Fuse.

We're introduced to Isabelle Sinclair, aka "Izzy," in prison, where she acts nonchalant about putting a man who touched her against her will into intensive care. Despite her ruthlessness, she's the team's resident scientist, and possesses an experimental weapon that shoots particles that freeze enemies in their tracks for her teammates to shatter.

Rounding out the team is Jacob Kimble, a former police detective who thinks nothing of trapping a child murderer in a car and burning him to death. Jacob's weapon of choice is a high-tech crossbow with a number of different arrowheads that can impale foes, ignite them on contact or be used as remote mines.

Fuse is slated to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this spring.

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