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Blacklight: Retribution coming to consoles

Zombie Studios' free-to-play first-person shooter Blacklight: Retribution will make the jump from PC to consoles, according to an announcement from the developer.

Blacklight: Retribution designer Jared Gerritzen says in a release cited by IGN that the developer has reacquired the console publishing rights from Perfect World Entertainment for the game, but does not specify which consoles are being targeted. Zombie released Retribution's predecessor, Blacklight: Tango Down, for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The developer says it is "thrilled to see all of the major console manufacturers supporting the free to play business model," potentially hinting at a free release on consoles as well.

Earlier this week, Zombie released Blacklight: Retribution's Onslaught mode and new content for the shooter.

Zombie Studios is currently developing a new Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game, Daylight.

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