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IGF finalist Pulse raising funds through Kickstarter

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Team Pixel Pi is currently seeking $75,000 for first-person experiential game Pulse, where players control a blind character, on Kickstarter.

In Pulse, players see the world through a process similar to echolocation. Players rely on noise and creatures called Mokos to light the way and avoid monsters. According to developer Maxwell Hannaman, who narrates the Kickstarter video above, the game's reality can shift depending on the situation.

"Since what you're seeing is more like your interpretation of reality, your view can be distorted by your assumptions of what's there, as well as literally colored by your feelings," Hannaman said.

The Kickstarter's backer tiers range from $1 to $5,000. Rewards include backer names in the game's credits, a digital art book, t-shirts, signed posters and more. A prototype of the game is already available here.

Pulse is currently in development for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Team Pixel Pi also plans to submit the game directly to Steam and collect votes through Greenlight. As of this posting, Pulse has collected more than $10,000 with 367 backers. The Kickstarter campaign ends April 11.

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