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Maxis rolls out SimCity update 1.3, fixes shard selection, server switches

Maxis released a new update to patch general issues with server selection and switches, as well as its announce its new sever, Antarctica 1.

Update 1.3 should fix player problems with selection shards not appearing when a specified sever is down, as well as players getting stuck when switching shards in the server menus. Players will now be able to view which servers they have cities on.

"At the moment, it is going to be showing the icon for any server you've been to as a player," the update reads. "We'll be updating this soon to show how many regions you have (X/10) per server. We know this is a little confusing for now, but we will improve."

Maxis continues to work on SimCity's servers, which are now running 40 times faster, according to an update from this morning. The company will continue to update the game to achieve stability.