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Tomb Raider analyzed by Digital Foundry, PlayStation 3 recommended console choice

Digital Foundry recently critiqued Tomb Raider's performance on PlayStation 3 as the "preferred choice" to Xbox 360 for those seeking a console copy.

Although the Xbox 360 is "slightly more consistent," the PlayStation 3 has the overall advantage on image quality and presentation. Digital Foundry writes that PlayStation 3 is better suited for the overall feel and richness of the game.

"This is a game where much of the experience is built around the spectacle and in that respect, PS3 offers an advantage of its 360 sibling," the report reads.

The Windows PC version of the game also offers a favorable option for those interested. According to Digital Foundry, Tomb Raider's PC copy provides a more natural rendering of Lara Croft.

"Crystal Dynamics's goal in creating a more believable Lara Croft is taken one step further on the PC version through the use of advanced hair simulation in the form of TressFX," the report reads. " ... The effect can be convincing in slower scenes with little movement, bringing out more human characteristics in Lara's face, which in turn helps to create a better emotional hook between the player and the character."

You can find the full report here for the specifics. Tomb Raider launched for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC March 5. Read our review here.

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