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God of War’s violence needs to 'feel impactful,' lead game designer says

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God of War's visceral kills are important for the series' action to "feel impactful" and not just like a video game, lead game designer Mark Simon said during a recent interview.

Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Simon said that the designers want to avoid creating too much of "gamey" feel.

"If you swing a club and hit someone it's got to feel like you've just hit them with a club," Simon said. "If it doesn't, it feels gamey. We don't want that gamey feeling — we want it to feel like you're actually impacting someone's head. It makes that sound, it feels like that — you kind of cringe thinking about it, but that's what melee combat should feel like."

The latest title in the franchise, God of War: Ascension launches on March 12. You can read our review here. SCE Santa Monica recently said that they are unsure of what they'll work on after Ascension.

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