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Street Fighter X Mega Man surpasses one million downloads worldwide

Capcom's free Windows PC title Street Fighter X Mega Man and its recent "Version 2" update have surpassed one million downloads worldwide, the company claims.

"The precise number of downloads is a bit tricky, because the file's freeware status means people could upload it to any ol' file service and share indefinitely," senior online/community manager Brett Elston wrote on the blog. "So while we can be sure we hit one million tracked downloads, there's no telling how many people grabbed it from another source.

"Suffice it to say, it got around."

Street Fighter X Mega Man was released Dec. 17, 2012 to celebrate the tail end of Street Fighter's 25th anniversary and marked the beginning of that of Mega Man, which started this year.

An updated version of the crossover fighter was released Jan 18. to address the game's "rough edges.''

Version 2 features improvements to the game's controller support as well as general bug fixes. Balancing tweaks were also made to the famous M. Bison Street Fighter character.

Mega Man 3 hits the 3DS Virtual Console March 14, with sequels 4, 5 and 6 slated for release each following month. Capcom says the digital versions of the soundtracks will be available for purchase before Mega Man 6 is released.

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