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Shattered Haven now available in beta, 25 percent off until launch

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Arcen Games' Shattered Haven, a top-down environmental puzzle game, launched in beta last week and is being offered at a 25 percent discount, $7.49 instead of $9.99, until its launch on March 18.

Players can pick up the beta for immediate access, or wait until the final game is available a week from today.

Shattered Haven takes place nine years after an apocalypse brought on by zombie-like creatures called Greys. Humans live in isolation, subsisting in scattered pockets known as "havens." The game centers on Dave and Mary Williams, a couple living on a farm in the country, and the events that follow from their decision to take in a newly orphaned refugee.

You'll have to solve puzzles under duress, with the Greys pursuing you at every turn. Elements of adventure games are present — your choices will affect the way the story plays out. Pixel art and 16-bit-era story "cutscenes" make Shattered Haven look like a throwback. Two players can play together locally, and composer Pablo Vega provides an eerie sense of ambiance with his audio work.

Check out some gameplay footage of Shattered Haven below. The title is available on Windows and Mac here.

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