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God of War: Ascension dev diary shows an elephant minotaur from concept art to gory death

The God of War games are known for their outlandish, often grotesque monster designs — and the gruesome ways in which they meet their doom at Kratos' hands — and Sony has released a developer diary highlighting one of those beasts all throughout its life cycle.

In God of War: Ascension, Kratos will face off against the gargantuan Juggernaut, an elephant-man in the style of the classic Greek minotaur. This behind-the-scenes video takes us back to the beginnings of Ascension's development in 2010, where the developers sought a creature to replace the aforementioned minotaur in combat. It shows how the artists went through different character concepts like boar-men and rhino-men before settling on the so-called "Elephantaur."

Once the creature was designed, the video walks viewers through the modeling and animation process, including the Juggernaut's bloody, brain-maiming demise.

God of War: Ascension is out for PS3 tomorrow. Check out Polygon's review while you wait.

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