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Tomb Raider PC patch fixes stability, glitches and TressFX issues

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A patch released yesterday for Tomb Raider on PC aims to fix the title's stability and startup issues, as well as problems with AMD's TressFX hair rendering software, according the patch notes on Steam.

The patch fixes issues that have been occurring on computers running both Intel and Nvidia graphics hardware, including startup crashes when trying to selecting the Options menu. Small improvements have also been made to the TressFX hair rendering software, which has been causing performance issues since the game launched last week.

Late last week Nvidia apologized to players for the problems, saying that the company hadn't received final code of Tomb Raider until the previous weekend, "which substantially decreased stability, image quality and performance over a build we were previously provided."

The patch also adds support for inversion aiming using the mouse or gamepad, as well as x-axis inversion support. Problems preventing visibility of certain effects in fullscreen mode have also been fixed, as well as a handful of glitches preventing game progression.

The patch will be applied automatically the next time Tomb Raider players sign into Steam. Players also have the option to test a beta version of the patch, Build716.5, although multiplayer will only be available among players on the same version of the game. A full list of notes is available on Steam.

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