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Shackleton Crater Kickstarter launches today with $700,000 goal

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The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Shackleton Crater launched today, revealing the $700,000 goal and pledge tiers for Joe Got Game's moon-based strategy game.

Joe Got Game, the studio from Electronic Arts co-founder Joe Ybarra, first teased Shackleton Crater last week. The turn-based strategy game is "based on today's science and tomorrow's dream," according to its Kickstarter description, and will use data like terrain maps and satellite photos from NASA to bring as much realism to the game's lunar surface as possible at its estimated March 2014 release.

Pledges of at least $15 will net backers a copy of the game for Android, iOS or Windows 8 tablets, while pledges of $24 or more will deliver the game for Windows PC and Mac. For a pledge of at least $30, backers will be able to participate in the PC beta.

You can check out Joe Got Game's pitch in the video above. Hop over to the Shackleton Crater Kickstarter page to check out the many pledge tiers which net backers items like t-shirts, expansion packs and more.

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