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Dragon's Prophet trailer shows off the MMO's four classes

Sony Online Entertainment and Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment have released a new trailer for their upcoming MMORPG Dragon's Prophet, showing off the game's four character classes.

The first three classes — Ranger, Sorcerer, and Guardian — fit the standard RPG archetypes of "ranged attacker, mage, melee fighter" respectively. The fourth, the scythe-wielding Oracle, seems to be a lightning-fast melee combatant rather than the healer or cleric one might expect from the name alone. According to MMO Culture, the game's combat resembles that of Blue Hole's Tera and involves the capture and training of dragons.

SOE announced it would be publishing Dragon's Prophet in the West last October, and the game is slated to enter closed beta in Taiwan within the next few days. It will be playable at SOE Live in Las Vegas this coming August.

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