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Dragon’s Prophet starting zones Bakra, Satuma revealed

Massively multiplayer online game Dragon's Prophet will have two starting zones, Bakra and Sutuma, for players to choose from, Sony Online Entertainment announced.

Bakra, located in the northern part of the game world, is marked by steep gorges and ruins. It includes five areas with three cities for mining and trading. Satuma, on the other hand, is located to the west in Mangard. The area is full of lakes and rivers, and water is an important element of the area's lifestyle. Check out the images above for a look at both areas.

Runewaker's free-to-play fantasy title was announced for localization in October 2012. Players explore world of Auratia, which features more than 300 dragons to fight, capture, train and ride. SOE recently released a trailer featuring the game's four character classes: Ranger, Sorcerer, Guardian and Oracle. Dragon Prophet's will be playable during SOE Live in August.

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