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Next MineCon to 'most definitely' take place in the U.S.

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Mojang's next annual Minecraft convention, MineCon, will "most definitely" take place in the United States, according to Mojang Director of Fun Lydia Wintors.

At a SXSW Interactive panel attended by Joystiq, Wintors confirmed the location.

"It'll be in the US, that's for sure," Wintors said. "It's most definitely in the US. That's all I can say. I would like to tell more, but it's not 100 percent certain so I can't say anything yet."

Wintors added that while at SXSW, her schedule would include a meeting to discuss the upcoming convention's details.

MinecraftCon began as a small gathering at Bellevue, Wash. in 2010 before growing into the full-fledged MineCon at Las Vegas in 2011. Last year's event was held at the Paris Disneyland Park from Nov. 24-25. Tickets sold out in two hours.

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