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Sound Shapes, Super Hexagon and Dyad musicians to perform at Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol party at GDC

Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol party announces lineup

The Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol party — an event held during the week of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco — will feature performances by the musicians who worked on Sound Shapes, Super Hexagon, Dyad and Proteus.

The party will host "video game fun times, indie games, DJs, drinking, etcetera" and will showcase indie games like Panoramical Soundself, Super Space, Samurai Gunn and a new game by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. The musicians behind some of last year's most critically-acclaimed indie games will also be performing at the party, including David Kanaga (Dyad and Proteus), Chipzel (Super Hexagon), I Am Robot And Proud (Sound Shapes) and Kozilek (Luftrausers, Gun Godz, Wasteland Kings).

Information about the event's lineup can be viewed here. Tickets are currently available for purchase.

The Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol party will take place on March 27 from 7pm at Public Works in San Francisco.

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